2016 Mentor-Mentee Programme (MMP) at Women in Finance Asia

The MMP programme was launched in 2013 and was structured to be different from other mentoring programmes right from the start, featuring a significant "group mentoring" aspect. We connect each of the mentees and mentors in a pair, but we also arrange activities during the year so that the mentoring pairs have the opportunities to cross-pollinate experience and ideas with other members of the programme.

Our focus in 2014 was on relaxed and physical activities, and we hosted events which covered Thai Boxing, Saturday Hiking and Salsa Dancing. In 2015 our events were dominated by raising the bar to learn from the success of other women in the finance world and "Be Inspired" at exclusive MMP luncheons.

In 2016 it is the right moment to open up MMP membership to other WiFA members who would like to share and learn from similar experiences. We welcome both mentees and mentors to apply. 

The invite was sent out in May. One month later, we received overwhelming response for mentee applications and we had to close the mentee membership application  in order to prepare and prioritise our works with the new MMP members.

We are still open for new mentors to join us and would highly encourage interested mentors to come forward and be a part of an exciting all sharing networking group.

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